FX-Coliseum was a Singapore based IT Company which aimed to deliver investment technologies to global investment companies. Due to the rising demand of Forex investment, millions of trader has been rushing into the field with the burning hope of earning great profit to improve the quality of life; causing severe losses due to lack of knowledge, experience, proper guidance and effective learning structure.

It is a fact that in order to make profit on a consistent basis, Forex trader required to spend countless of hours on mastering complex investment skills such as news analysis, sentimental analysis, risk management, economics, indicators functioning, Expert Advisor mastering and etc.; without such skills, investor are as good as a blindfolded pedestrian who's trying to go across a busy road. Other than that, vast mixture of both truth and false information on the internet also plays a part in confusing new trader in making the right decision in their investment, causing paranoid sensation on which sources to be trusted and ultimately leading investor to a false conclusion that it is impossible to make profit in Forex investment. This is where FX-Coliseum comes into the big picture, by offering technologies & platforms that gather possibly every profit making traders from worldwide; creating an entirely new eco-system where experienced traders would offer "money making" copy-trading signal to investors at a reasonable cost. Imagine a place where profit making traders compete against each other in order help their investors to make profit. In such a way, a person who knows nothing about Forex could make enormous profit just like any other experienced traders by simply “investing” on the right person. At the same time, experienced traders who capable of helping investors to make great profit get to earn more income as well, isn't that a happily ever after ending that everyone hoped to achieve?

In order to ensure multiple ten of thousands of trader capable of executing their copy-trading signal fluently and another few more hundred thousand of traders capable of sharing their EA online, Virtual Private Server or VPS plays an important role in these scenarios. VPS hosting and renting for Forex trading are getting common these days where traders trying to gain additional advantages by combining of VPS, MT4 & EA, creating a machine that never stop making profit on 24*5 basis. VPS services will be another core service that FX-Coliseum shall be offering to all investment companies as well as traders. FX-Coliseum has taken care of all the major challenges such as security concern, latency, bandwidth, uptime and most importantly the major cost in running VPS services and only requires traders to pay very little cost while they sign up their account with FX-Coliseum.

FX-Coliseum is still pushing its limits in creating more innovation for all traders from worldwide, so what are you waiting for? JOIN US NOW!