1. What is FX-Coliseum?

    FX-Coliseum is a nexus that bridged the gap between investor and fund manager through our very own technologies. We shall convert the advice of professional and talented traders globally to an executed trade rapidly and automatically in your account (regardless of which brokers). Now trading Forex no longer a headache anymore with FX-Coliseum, we shall make everything as simple as mouse clicking for you! You don't have to study or monitor the market, because there will be endless forex expert (we called them Gladiator) from all over the world shall be serving you. All you have to do is pick the Gladiator you like, and FX-Coliseum will quickly convert their trading patterns into live trades in your trading account directly with the broker. And the best of all, it's completely FREE!

  2. How do I get started?

    All you have to do is open a member profile with FX-Coliseum with the name and account number of the brokerage firm you're trading with. Link your trading account to FX-Coliseum via the list of brokers in your profile page and you're ready for some actions. If it is the first time that you will trade online, then the first step is to open a new account from your trusted broker.

  3. How can I become a Follower?
    • Log in to FX-Coliseum via the login details of your account on FX-Coliseum or create a new account.
    • Make sure you're on the Follower's Dashboard. You can switch between the Follower's and Gladiator's dashboards by using the button on the main menu.
    • On the Gladiator's Wall of Fame, select the Gladiator, click "Copy", select the account which you start copying to, and then create a rule for copying.
  4. Is there any guarantee that copied trades will be profitable?

    Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all Follower. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment. There is no guarantee that the copied trade of the chosen Gladiator will be profitable for that Gladiator or for you. To manage risk, you should use the copying scale and diversification of risk. Therefore, you should not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

  5. Can I copy the trades of several Gladiators?

    Yes, you can copy an unlimited number of Gladiator accounts at a time by using several Followers accounts. Copying several Gladiators is one of the ways to diversify your risks.

  6. Can I trade manually? Or will it conflict with the automatic trades?

    Yes. Manual trades will not affect your automatic copy trades.

  7. Can I close my Follower account at any time?

    No, but you can pause or delete any copying rule at any time.

  8. What is the process of copying?

    In the process of copying, the signals for orders opening and closure are sent from the Gladiator account to the Follower account. These signals are based on the real trading activity of the Gladiator account and are sent with minimum delay possible. All incoming signals are copied according to the copy rules settings.

  9. How can I reduce my risks?

    To reduce your risks on FX-Coliseum, you should learn how to create your investment portfolio. The investment portfolio means dividing your investment funds between several Gladiators, who have different strategies, using different financial instruments and having different levels of aggression. At the same time, do not forget to set the copying rules for each Gladiator.

  10. How can I become a Gladiator?
    • Log in to FX-Coliseum via the login details of your account on FX-Coliseum or create a new account.
    • Make sure you're on the Gladiator's Dashboard. You can switch between the Follower's and Gladiator's dashboards by using the button on the main menu.
    • If you already have an account, by clicking "Add Existing Account to My Gladiator Accounts" and choosing an account you would like to be available for copying. If you don't have an account yet, click "Open New Gladiator Account".
  11. Is there a minimum requirement for opening a Gladiator account?

    There are no restrictions for opening a Gladiator account.

  12. How is the Gladiator's commission calculated?

    The commission depends on several factors such as the amount of copied trades and trading profitability.

  13. Where can I find more information about the Gladiator's account?

    To find out more information about each Gladiator's account, please visit the Gladiator's Wall of Fame by clicking on the Gladiator's name in the rating.

  14. How many Gladiator accounts can I open?

    You can open as many Gladiator accounts as you need.

  15. Where can I see the number of my followers?

    The Follower information is available in the Gladiator's Dashboard. The widget "Trader Summary" (in the upper left corner of the page) shows the total number of your followers, the number of followers for the last few months, and the number of potential followers. The widget “Portfolio Performance Chart” (in the center of the page) has a tab "Followers", which displays the dynamics of the rise or fall in the number of your followers over a period of time.

  16. How can I attract followers?

    The most important thing is to trade profitably, so that your Gladiator account shows high and stable results. Thus you will have a high position in the Wall of Fame and it will be easier for Followers to find you and copy your orders. You can also use plenty of other internet sites, which are visited by many Followers like financial sites, forums or groups in social networks.