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Why be our Gladiator?

Trader's Room is a fully automated web solution that integrates with your MT4 and provides all the tools traders need:
the ability to open and manage multiple trading accounts and make instant deposits, transfers, and withdrawal requests. IB Tools include marketing materials, commission reports, and hundreds of other features.



You are welcome from any broker houses which mean you are no need to open too much trade account. You only need to link your MT4 account to Fxcoliseum register Account.



You are no need to recruit your investors for enhancing your profits. Fxcoliseum help you save your time and cost for recruiting people to invest on your trading.



You can double up your income within your excellent trading skill and techniques. Every great performance you done will increase your number of Follower which enriching your profit.



You can fulfill your desire to take part in our Live Account Contest to get your badges that increase your popularity. We will conduct tournament constantly to boost your profit.



You can help to improve other traders financial knowledge at the same time sharing your trading insight. You can apply your investment skill on the person who are not expert at all on trade.

Simple Steps To Become Our Gladiator

1. Register

Click on "Register" to start your account.

2. Connect With Fxcoliseum

You can also connect with Facebook and Google+, but bear in mind that the same email has been used to register account in Fxcoliseum, you can't connect with Facebook using the same email address.

3. Login

After you have complete your registration, please login.

4. Press your Username

After loggin in to your account, please press your username at the right top of your screen.

5. Linking your MT4 to Fxcoliseum

Click "My trading account" on the left and click "add new" to start linking your MT4 to Fxcoliseum.

6. Find your Broker

Find your broker by clicking on the broker icon or you can search it just type it on the search bar.

7. Become Gladiator

Click on the setting icon and you will see Become gladiator from the combo box. Click "Become gladiator".

8. Fill up Funds name

Now it will show you an inner page asking you to fill up fund name, traded symbols and description. Fill it up and click submit.

9. See your Gladiator Status

After becoming gladiator, you can see your gladiator status as in the Gladiator list.