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Fxcoliseum Copytrade Introduction 2

Fxcoliseum copytrade system
Choose your gladiator based on their trading result and start copying their trades!!

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What is Fxcoliseum?

Fxcoliseum is a Social Forex Trading Platform.
Main products are
1. Cross-broker Copytrade system
Just copy professional Forex trader from any broker as long as both of you are using MT4 and Fxcoliseum, using simulator to compare different traders that you want to follow, configuration can just be done in web, no VPS needed, 24hours working copytrade system, copy trade instantly.
2. Online EA
Just choose any EA which is available in the web store, configure your EA parameter and start the EA immediately, without having to subscribe any VPS. (You can submit your EA to Fxcoliseum and sell it at our online EA store)
3. Gaming Platform (partly available)
Experience Points (XP), Game Points, Title, Ranks, Badges, Hall of Fame, Weekly Quests/tournament will be available

Visit to get more information or email us any question at .

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Fxcoliseum Website User Guide

Part 1: General User Guide
Part 2: Gladiator Guide
Part 3: Follower Guide
Part 4: EA guide

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FXColiseum Live Account Tournament

Forex Live Account Tournament available in FXColiseum.
Learn the way to join the tournament and win our cash prizes to gain your profits. Whether you are a follower, gladiator, IB or a broker house, pull up your socks for an electrifying Forex tournament which can be organised by anyone.

So don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this excitement. Visit us at now.
Let’s take the thrill of forex trading on FXcoliseum one notch higher and make it a little more lively and profitable.

Here you go to join this tournament:
1. 1. Register an appointed Forex broker MT4 account (eg: IKOFx, Fxiconic)
2. Register an account for FXColiseum.
3. Become Gladiator.
4. Link the FXColiseum account to the MT4 account.
5. You may start to trade and begin the war.

For further clarification, kindly drop us a message at